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Frequently asked questions

How can I cancel my reservation?

You need to send us a letter to e-mail address support@avilita.com from the e-mail address which you have specified when booking, name the tenant to which the booking was made, your reservation number and ask to cancel the reservation.

Conditions of cancellation?

As we work with different owners of villas the cancellation conditions for each specific villa will be different and will depend on the owner of the villa. All cancellation conditions are listed on the villa description and villa reservation page. The cancellation policy is set by villas owners.

What is the deposit you need to make to rent a villa?

As well as the terms of cancellation, the deposit amount depends on who the owner of the selected villa is. We set the size of the deposit as much as the owner of the villa has specified. As we work with different owners of villas, we do not have a common deposit amount. All the information about the deposit amount you can also find on the description page of the villa during booking. In the long term we strive for conditions standardization.

Why our prices are lower than those from other services?

We work directly with the owners of villas and do not use any service charges. Special conditions of cooperation allow us to provide you not only with contemporary service, but also with the best prices.

Is food included in the cost of renting a villa? Information about nutrition and other conditions can be found on the description page of the villa or during booking. Each villa has custom-tailored approach to their services. So please pay attention to all details when you compare the offers.

I have rented a villa via your website, how can I order a tour from you?

At this stage Avilita.com does not sell tour services, but we pay a close heed to our customers, so if you have any questions or suggestions for the specific region you would like to have a tour, please, can send us a request for e-mail address wishes@avilita.com and we will provide you with information about well-known service providers.

What is security deposit?

Security deposit – is the amount of money you must pay when check in the villa and you get it back when checkout. Security deposit is a guarantee against personal property damage. In case of property damage the owner is entitled to deduct this sum from the security deposit. The owners ask to pay a deposit upon villa arrival (in cash). In any case, we have no doubt that you will respect the personal belongings of the villa owners and therefore your deposit will be refunded to you in full amount and on time. Deposit amount is specified in the booking conditions for each particular villa.

How do I know if I need a visa?

We notify our customers about visa regime features by email after booking.

How much time before the rest do I have to rent a villa?

The sooner you take care of renting a villa, the better. Usually for holiday period people start to book villas at least six months beforehand and especially for the New Year period popular villas are often booked a year ahead! Therefore, the closer the holidays are the less choice is available and the higher the cost is. At the same time many villas have a so-called tariff Last Minute Rates - this is when people reserve a villa less than 10 days prior to arrival and in this case a good discount is allowed - on average about 10%. But it is only just in case villa is not already booked :).

Do villas have internet and satellite TV?

Typically villas have both, but to know exactly you need to find this information on the description page of the villa.

How can I get to the villa from the airport?

You can order transfer yourself, book a taxi at the airport or indicate that you need transfer service when booking the villa.