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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to all our services made available online, through any mobile device or by email. By accessing, browsing and using our website http://avilita.com/ and/or by completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below.

Contractual Relations

Avilita Worldwide Limited (hereinafter referred to as Avilita) provides an opportunity to make reservations of the real property (villas) through the website http://avilita.com/. By making a reservation you enter into direct legally binding contractual relations with the owner/manager of the rented real property. Thereafter Avilita acts solely as an intermediary between you and the owner/manager of the rented real property for the purposes of transmitting the information of your reservation and payment to the relevant owner/manager of the rented real property, as well as for the purposes of confirmation of your reservation. Avilita will support your order and provide you with the necessary assistance within the validity period of your reservation. If you have any questions or if any disputes arise within the validity period of your reservation, you are free to contact Avilita via email: support@avilita.com.

Pricing Procedure

Unless otherwise provided, the prices stated on the website http://avilita.com/ shall refer only to reservation of the real property for certain dates. The prices shall be set on the basis of the season and the tariff which is established depending on the day of making a reservation. The price displayed near the name of the villa is a minimum price for the given villa. When you choose specific dates, the system will automatically take into account the season and the tariff and will set the current price for the reservation.

Payment Procedure and Security Guarantees

The payment may be made by means of banking cards, as well as in the office of travel agencies. The list of the offices of travel agencies can be found on the website page “Our partners”.

If you pay with the bank card, upon reservation confirmation your card will be charged either a full amount of reservation or a deposit depending on the payment terms for a specific villa. The amount of the deposit is indicated on the page containing a villa description, as well as on the reservation page. The corresponding amount will also be indicated on the payment page.

You need to make sure that your credit card is valid and that there are enough funds on the card to make a payment. If your credit card is not accepted for any reason, your reservation will be cancelled. To ensure the security of your payment, as soon as the owner/manager of the real property confirms your reservation, you will receive an individual link to the page where you can pay for the chosen villa. All communication on this page shall be made via HTTPS protocol. The payment is made through 3D Secure Technology. The website corresponds to the security standards developed by the payment systems Visa and MasterCard (PCI compliance). The data of your banking card shall be processed by the Pasta Banka and shall be protected by 256-bit encryption

Processing centre doesn't transfer your bank card details to our website or another third parties.

If you suspect or if it has become known to you that your card has been subject to fraud and/or unauthorized use, you should immediately contact your bank.

Cancellation and Change of the Order

The conditions of the reservation may be changed, and the reservation may be cancelled via website http://avilita.com/.

The cancellation procedure and no-show policy shall be established for every villa. They can be found on the page containing the villa description. We recommend that you read the cancellation and no-show policy carefully prior to making your reservation.

To cancel your reservation you should send a cancellation request to the following email-address: support@avilita.com. The request shall contain the reservation СNR number (which is stated in the reservation voucher) and the full name of the person under whose name the reservation has been made. Please note that the cancellation requests shall be sent only from that email address which was used to make a reservation.

Please note that you may be charged for your cancellation or no-show up to the amount of 100% of the total reservation value depending on the real property.

If you cancel the paid reservation on your own initiative, Avilita shall withhold a service charge in the amount of $40. In case of a cancellation made by the owner/manager of the real property, Avilita shall reimburse the amount you have paid within 10 business days and shall propose an alternative reservation object.

For any questions regarding cancellation of your reservation, please send all your questions to support@avilita.com. You may also use this number +85281214208.


In order to make a reservation you need to be registered at the website http://avilita.com/. For this purpose you will be asked to provide your personal data, in particular your full name, contact details (a telephone number and an email address), payment details and other personal data required to make a reservation. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that Avilita is entitled to process your personal data.

Avilita shall use your personal data only to transmit them to its partners solely for the purposes of arranging your reservation. Otherwise your personal data will not be disclosed to any third parties unless it is required pursuant to legislation, a ruling of a court or any other act of a governmental body.

Avilita will also use your email address to send you the terms of payment after you have made an application for reservation. Once you have made payment, you will receive confirmation of your reservation/a voucher for checking-in indicating the dates of staying and terms of payment. You will also receive the terms and conditions of renting and staying at a villa, as well as additional information about the villa.

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to receive further information from Avilita. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the special link on your profile page.

Guest Reviews and Ranking of the Real Property

The website http://avilita.com/ offers an opportunity to place a guest review by means of which you can express your opinion of the service level. Avilita reserves the right to refuse publication of the review at its sole discretion without giving any reasons.

Avilita may use your review to rank the real property. Please note that the ranking published on the website shall not be regarded as Avilita’s recommendation to choose a villa.

Limitation of Liability

Avilita shall be held liable only for direct actual damage incurred as a result of Avilita’s non-performance of its obligations within the total reservation value. Avilta shall not be held liable for indirect or consequential damages, any loss of profit or moral damage. Avilta shall not be held liable for the information placed by users on the website http://avilita.com/, for the accuracy of descriptions of any villas provided by the owner/manager of a given villa, as well as for the damages incurred as a result of unavailability of the website http://avilita.com/ because of the unauthorized intervention of third parties.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content and information of the website http://avilita.com/, as well as the software used to design and maintain the above mentioned website constitute the intellectual property of Avilita or its partners. Any unlawful use of the content of the website http://avilita.com/ constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Avilita or its partners.

Additional Services

If during the period of your stay you wish to make use of additional services provided by the owner/manager of the real property, these services may be provided pursuant to separate contracts. If necessary, Avilita will provide support in concluding the required contract(s). Avilita shall not be held liable for the level of such additional services.

Amending these Terms and Conditions

Avilita shall reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions of the reservation without any prior notice. You agree to these terms and conditions as in force at the moment of your choice of the villa. The current version of the terms and conditions is available at the website http://avilita.com/ in the Section “Terms and Conditions of Reservation”