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Baan Balina

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3 bedrooms
$ 294
Season dates:
15.12.2014 — 31.01.2015 15.12.2015 — 31.01.2016 15.12.2016 — 31.01.2017
$ 350
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To get total cost please select arrival and departure dates
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Booking cancellation rules

Refund policy is as follows:
Booking Deposit 20% - No Refund under any circumstances.

Cancellation 57 to 31 days before arrival: Refund = 50% of monies paid excluding deposit.

Cancellation Less than 30 days before arrival: Refund = Nil.


For last minute bookings 14 days or less before the start of the rental period:

100% from the total real property reservation value must be paid within 24 hours after confirmation of reservation.

For bookings done less than 56 days but more than 14 days before the start of the rental period :

A 50% deposit from the total real property reservation value must be paid within 24 hours after confirmation of reservation. The balance must be paid no later than 21 days prior to arrival.

For booking done more than 56 days before start of the rental period :

-A minimum 20% deposit from the total real property reservation value must be paid within 24 hours after confirmation of reservation.
- An additional 30% from the total real property reservation value must be received 63 days prior to arrival of the guest.
- The remaining balance must be paid in full no less than 21 days prior to arrival.

For bookings done more than 56 days before start of the rental period the entire sum can be made in one single payment within 24 hours after confirmatin of reservation.

Terms & conditions

Guest Terms and Conditions

The villa booked as per the booking form is the villa that you will stay in. No changes on arrival can be made. Any changes prior to arrival will incur an additional surcharge of 1,500 THB.


Avilita reserves the right when offering bookings of two (2) nights or less to make an additional charge of 15% to cover extra costs.

A surcharge of 500 THB will be added if dirty washing up is left at the time of departure. This will be deducted from the refundable security deposit.


The maximum number of guests which can occupy any property is dictated entirely by the number of single or double beds within that property unless otherwise agreed. Additional occupancy is at the discretion of the villa owner and is non – negotiable. Additional occupancy, if agreed by villa owner, will always be charged by dividing the seasonal daily rate at the time, by the maximum number of persons for which there are beds. Example - Seasonal Daily Rate 10,000 / 5 Double Beds = 10 guests additional guests 1,000 Baht per day plus the cost of the additional bed at 500 Baht per day. Failure to pay this fee by the additional guest or group leader will result in the additional guest being asked to leave the premises.

Security Deposit:

Upon check-in we require a refundable security deposit, payable in cash in any currency. The amount оf the refundable deposit is dependent upon the size of the property: - up to and including 3 bedrooms - 5,000 THB;
- 4 & 5 bedroom properties - 10,000 THB;
- 6 bedroom properties and above - 15,000 THB.

Villa owner retains the right to request and hold in safekeeping, the passport or ID Card of the party leader as stated on the Booking Form until the refundable deposit is paid.

Villa owner retains the right to refuse access to the property if the party leader and / or their guests refuse to comply with this policy.

The deposit will be refunded in cash, in the currency given, in full, upon the departure of all guests in the party provided it is mutually agreed between the guest and villa representative that no damage has been inflicted whatsoever on the property, its contents, the pool (if any) or any other aspect pertaining to the property, that ALL payments have been met and that ALL keys for the property and the personal safe, are returned to the villa representative.

Lost or incomplete sets of keys will be charged to the guest at 1,000 Baht per set.

Any damage must be notified to the Thailand immediately and satisfactorily rectified or paid for prior to departure.


Our policy is that a child is someone, who, at the time of occupancy of our property, is proven to be less than 5 (five) years old on their official travel document.

Unless the child is sleeping in its parent’s bed, it will be considered as an adult occupant of the property if over 5 (five) years of age and charged accordingly.

Baby-cots are available on request and subject to availability and charged at 500 Baht per day.

High chairs are also available on request but again, subject to availability and are supplied free of charge.


No pets are allowed into the properties.A fee of 8,000 Baht for professional deep cleaning WILL be charged to the guest should any pets, or evidence of any pets be found in the property.


Smoking inside the property is strictly forbidden.

Any guest found smoking inside the property or any evidence that smoking has occurred within the property WILL be charged at 8,000 Baht to cover the costs of a professional deep clean.

Water & Electricity

The prices of all our properties include a daily allowance for free mains water and electricity.

Properties up to and including 4 bedrooms have 57 Kw units allowance free per day.

Properties of 5 bedrooms and above have 100 Kw units allowance free per day.

Obviously, unnecessary use of the air-conditioning, especially when out of the property or leaving it switched on whilst doors and windows are open, will waste your free allowance and your money.

If your free allowance is exceeded, a charge of 7 (seven) Baht per unit will be made. This is deductible from your refundable security deposit on check-out.

Please, monitor your usage.

Please, do not use the air-conditioning unnecessarily and switch off when going out!


Cars will only be provided on bookings of 7 nights or more.

The vehicle provided will normally be a 4-door crew-cab pickup. However, we reserve the right to offer any make of a 4-door car at our discretion.

The car deposit is 10,000 Baht which is non-refundable in the event of an accident, due to the excess clause on our insurance policy.

Minor accident damage can be paid for, by the client themselves, having received a written quote from a local repair garage with monies paid to us. The full deposit will then be refunded.

Punctures will be repaired and paid for, by the company – kerbing which affects the steering or tracking, damage to wheels or tyre walls will not.

The fuel level is to be checked on acceptance of the keys and returned the same, if the level is not the same, clients will be charged at cost plus 150 Baht to fill the tank to the previous level.

Check- In / Check -Out Times

Check - in times are after 13:00hrs and check - out by 11:00hrs.

Please abide by these times, to avoid disappointment to other guests booked to occupy the property afterwards, as the property needs to be fully cleaned and linen changed.

These times must be strictly adhered to, unless agreed in writing by prior arrangement.

Meter readings, the property itself and its inventory will be checked with you, both on arrival and departure. Excess electricity, if any, will be settled by deducting any monies due from your refundable deposit.

Late Check – Outs / Early Check – Ins

These will be billed as an extra charge per hour.

We calculate this rate, simply by dividing the seasonal daily rate of your property by 24 and multiplying this figure by the number of full hours you wish to check – in or check - out.

Early check – in and late check - out are always subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

We wish you a great time during your holiday. Please be aware however, that your holiday home may be located on a private residential development with other families and children so do please respect noise levels and keep the noise to a minimum after 22:00hrs.

Any complaints from the neighbours about unsociable noise levels after 22:00hrs WILL be dealt with very severely and continued nuisance could result in you being asked to leave the property without a refund.

Please do not use the communal pool outside of the stated opening / closing times.

Swimming Pools

We cannot accept any liability for any injury caused as a result of the use of the pools proper or otherwise.

It is the parents’ responsibility to take care and ensure all children are supervised at all times.

Guest Obligations

The property booked is to be used solely for residential purposes.The guests are obliged to treat the property and its contents with due care and consideration in a manner normally and socially accepted and are expected to use all items within the property, in a safe and responsible manner.

Any damage caused to the fabric of the property or its contents WILL be deducted from the refundable security deposit paid on arrival. Damages in excess of said deposit WILL be charged at full replacement / refurbishment cost.

The party leader as stated on the Booking Form, is solely and entirely responsible for the safety and actions of all members of the party and liable for any damages caused to the property and / or its contents.

Any damage, malicious or accidental MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY. In the event of a dispute, arbitration will be by the Police or the Thai courts and the laws applicable within the Kingdom of Thailand will apply.

Personal Safety

Avilita nor the property owners can or will accept any liability or any claim whatsoever of any nature in or outside of the property arising from any incident.

Guests are requested to take care and ensure when out or asleep that all windows and doors are securely shut.

Anyone caught jumping out of the windows into the swimming pools will be asked to vacate their property immediately.

All guests are strongly advised to ensure that they purchase their own travel insurance, covering personal accident, theft or loss of personal effects and comprehensive medical expenses whilst visiting Thailand.

Internet Access

Free Internet access is provided but only as per the ‘Quick Brief’ located on the right hand side of every villa / apartment description.We do not accept any responsibility, should the (ISP) lines be down or if your system / pc / laptop / phone or any other device requiring internet access not be capable of acquiring a signal. This Internet access is offered as a free service and, should you have difficulties with the connection, please consult your Customer Care person / housekeeper. If the problem cannot be resolved he / she will provide you with the location of some Internet Cafes which may provide a better service, but please be aware that there will be an independent charge for their service which is outside of the responsibility of villa owner.

Problems or Complaints

The billa is inspected daily and it is unlikely that you should experience any problems. However, in the event of any such problem occurring please notify the management or staff as soon as possible. We will endeavour to rectify the problem immediately during normal working hours or the next working day.

No refunds or rate adjustments will be made for malfunction of air conditioners, televisions, appliances, pool equipment or any electronic or mechanical items.

In some cases 24 to 48hrs may be required to get spare parts.

If any issue causes you significant discomfort you will be moved you to another villa if available or use portable equipment we appropriate or available.

Please Note: Thailand is a tropical country and insects and small creatures are inevitable and beyond our control. Please ensure on completion of cooking, all waste foods are disposed of and work surfaces are cleaned to ensure intrusion of these tenacious visitors is negated and kept to a minimum.

Daily Maid Service

Daily maid service is included in the price of your property.It constitutes a thorough daily clean of your property and making of the beds, it does not however include washing up your dishes or personal washing of clothes or ironing. There will be a charge of 500THB for washing up left at time of departure

If this service is required an offer to the maids of a nominal but realistic sum will usually suffice although it is entirely at their discretion whether they accept your offer or, for an extra charge, a full time maid servicecan be provided 9:00 to 17:30hrs.

Your towels will be changed after two days’ usage and bed linen after four days of use. Extra towels can be provided if required at a laundry charge of 10 Baht per towel per day and extra changes of bed linen charged at 350 Baht per bed per time.

Minimum rental period: 3 nights in low season, 10 nights in peak season.

Final price, taxes and fees included.

Located in a private gated estate in Huay Yai with 24-hour security, this modern 3-bedroom pool villa makes for the ideal holiday villa rental just a 5-minute drive from the beaches at Na Jomtien and a 10-minute drive from Jomtien where you will find lots of restaurants, bars and a nice beach. If you are looking for somewhere private and peaceful but still want to be close to lots of Pattaya's biggest attractions and activities, this is a villa rental that expertly merges both. The villa is modern and well-maintained, providing lots of space, both indoors and outdoors, to make your holiday time in Pattaya a complete success. The villa has 3 beautifully appointed bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a lounge, dining room, Western-style kitchen and a garden with a wooden deck terrace with seated areas next to a private swimming pool. The 3 bedrooms all have double beds, 32 inch flat-screen TVs, wardrobes, air-conditioning and have colorful interior designs. The Master Bedroom has the advantage of an ensuite bathroom with a shower, bathtub, wash basin and toilet. There is another bathroom that is for guests and those in the 2nd bedroom, and comes equipped with a toilet, wash basin and shower. The lounge area is perfectly positioned for views and direct access out to the pool area and deck terrace, while also enjoying entertainment facilities such as a 40-inch flat-screen TV with international channels and a CD player. The adjoining kitchen area has a great choice of appliances such as a microwave, toaster, blender, hobs and a refrigerator. The dining area is also home to a 6-seat wooden dining table. Although the location of the villa could be considered as a little bit out of the city, the beaches at Na Jomtien are only a 5-minute drive away. And if you are looking for action, Jomtien Beach is a just a 10-minute drive away with its international restaurants and excellent nightlife scene. Popular Pattaya attractions such as the Alangkarn Theater, Mimosa and Pattaya Floating Market are just a 5-minute drive from the villa. When you are looking for a villa rental in a peaceful location but still close to the best attractions and activities in the city, this 3-bedroom villa at Huay Yai is a great choice.



Hair dryer


Parking area

Safe deposit box

Swimming pool


CD player

Satellite television

Kitchen appliances

Microwave oven




Outdoor space




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