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Fare fighting: villa against а 5-star hotel - which saves you more money?

At first glance the answer is obvious. The phrase itself "villa rental" is still perceived by many people as a phrase from a Hollywood film about millionaires, gangsters and "good living". But, as it is often the case, things that seem obvious are not always true. For centuries people looked in the sky and trusted their eyes - the Sun goes round the Earth. The world required Copernicus to prove the opposite.

It is not that complicated with villas and hotels of course! A scientific research is not required - just a calculator and common sense. Make your own conclusions!

15 strong arguments for a villa


Even the most luxurious hotel is just a hotel - an inn for visitors. Choosing a holiday at your own villa (although rented for a while) you emphasize your sustainability, success and a useful habit not to content yourself with anything but the best.

No neighbours

The constant presence of compatriots in the hotel is not always much to the joy. Besides, despite the “star-rating" of a hotel you are still not immune to the outside disco sounds at three o'clock or a baby crying behind the wall at five o'clock. At villa you have no neighbors, who sometimes you are eager to put away - it is only your territory.

Spacial quantity

Speaking about space - your hotel room can be called "presidential" or "royal", but its area is restricted. In the villa the area at your disposal is at least 10 times bigger and has its private garden, parking, swimming pool and is served by well-trained staff.

Service staff

By the way, let’s discuss the staff. No doubt that in a five-star hotel maids clean the rooms, chefs cook food, and the gardeners trim bushes and trees. But they stick to their own schedule, which does not always coincide with your daily plans. In a villa you have the run of all personnel at your disposal :

  • maids
  • chef
  • security
  • gardener
  • pool-cleaner
  • villa manager
  • and often personal driver and other staff

Home away from home

If you need a weekend rest, the hotel room is fine, but if you want to stay for a longer period, the villa will become your home, what cannot be expected from a hotel room.

Together and safe from iterruption

Choosing a holiday villa for a large family or company you stay close, but at the same time, each person will have his own territory. No matter how many stars a hotel has, no hotel in the world can guarantee that the rooms you booked are next to each other.

Following your lifestyle

We all depend on our habits. In a villa you will not have to fall out of anything - used to stay in bed until lunch – go ahead, cannot live without porridge cooked in a particular way - fully equipped modern kitchen is at your disposal; do not want to bother with cooking - many villas offer their own chef services.

Meal service

Speaking of food. Certainly a hotel will provide you three, four or even five meals daily, but you'll have what the hotel offers and not what you want. At your villa you can buy the freshest products in a supermarket or market and kindle outdoor grill for barbecue every day if you please and cook anything your heart desires.

Safety & security

Any hotel inherently is a place with high publicity, so there is always a probability of thefts from rooms and other unpleasant situations. For example, when someone of compatriots under heating drink begins to "push for his rights" or compulsively seeks for relations. Majority of the villas are not only equipped with the last generation safety systems, but also are heavily guarded 24 hours a day.

Time management

There is a certain daily regime in any hotel, which you have to follow. In the villa you set the rules and feel a master of your own time.

Pool and gym

Swimming pool in a hotel is one of the centers of local life, so there is always somebody there. And indeed there is someone of the adherents of a healthy lifestyle in a gym. In a villa just you and your family or friends will enjoy the pool and the gym – any time you want and as long as you prefer.


In a hotel, due to the large number of residents, to watch the child is more difficult. In a villa your children will always be under your and security staff care.


The higher the hotel "star-rating" is the more closed the hotel. Staying there you risk to be trapped in a limited world and not to understand which country in fact you are visiting. In a villa you get closer to the local population and can better understand customs and culture of the country.


It is difficult to imagine a developer who builds a villa in an ugly place. Most of the villas are located near the sea or in picturesque places with spectacular views.


Renting a villa is quite comparable to the cost of booking a room in a five-star hotel. For example: booking a two-bedroom suite in Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort in Bali you pay 2803 dollars a week. Renting a two-bedroom luxury villa Belong Dua for the same period you pay 2800 dollars. Moreover, if you are going to take rest in a large company you divide the price, i.e. you pay only your part of the rent. In addition to this many of the villa taxes and services are included in the rate.

"In the ring are challenged..."

It's time to fight a final "battle" between a villa and a five-star hotel. Look at the table which helps you as a judge to make the right decision:

Villa Hotel
Live your own way Live with neighbors following hotel rules
Swim when and how you like Common swimming pool
Eat what you prefer and the place you like Eat according to timetable
Live close to friends Rooms are not necessarily close to each other
Pay for a several-bedroom villa less than for a few rooms Pay for several rooms more than for a several-bedroom villa

And who do you think wins the fight?