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Privacy policy

Submitted document is Avilita Privacy Policy, which describes arrangements for using, disclosure and retaining of personal data received by Avilita to provide services via the website http:/ /avilita.com/. Making a reservation online via http://avilita.com/, you confirm that you have read this Privacy Policy and consent to the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with the conditions described below.

Personal information, that may be requested by avilita company

Booking online via http://avilita.com/ requires registration. To get registration you have to provide certain personal data, in particular the full name and contact information (phone number and email address) and other personal data required for booking. Owners / managers of real estate may request customer passport data. In this case you also have to provide such data. In other cases Avilita company does not request passport data. Please note that when effecting the payment your credit card details are transferred directly to the payment processor. Avilita Company does not request or detain such data in the database or on the website.

Personal data protection

Avilita Company takes all appropriate measures to protect your personal data. In particular, we use special protection technology, encode your data, and provide access only for authorized employees and for strictly determined purposes.

Arrangements for use of personal data

Avilita Company will use your personal data for the following purposes :

  • to send you the payment terms and conditions after you submitted a reservation application to send you a confirmation of booking and other notifications
  • to send you information about special offers, promotions , company products and services , as well as newsletters , which are provided with an unsubscribe option
  • in order to settle arising disputes for other purposes about which you will be further informed

Personal data transmission procedure

Avilita Company may transfer your personal information to the following third parties:

  • Owners of villas/ villas’ manages under booking procedure. Please note that if you order additional services directly from the villa owners / managers of the villas, we recommend you read privacy policies of the correspondent service providers
  • Social networks providers.Avilita company can use social networks to promote its services. Consequently, you can register on our website using your account at social network. Relevant information will be transferred to the social network provider and can be displayed on your personal page.
  • Competent authorities, as required in accordance with the law, rules of court or other act of government authority.

In your personal account, you can view and edit your data and can delete your account at any time you like.

Use of cookies file

Cookies are used to recognize and automatically detect your browser. Using these files allows us to make our site more user-friendly and efficient and to provide the necessary functions you need. The information in the Cookies files includes your selections and preferences, for example your language choice, country or city search and currency preferences, and does not contain any of your personal data.

Mobile applications

Avilita company releases various applications for mobile devices. Collection and processing of personal data for mobile applications are based on the same principles as our website.

Minors policy

Services provided by Avilita company are not intended for minors under the age of 18 years. If we become aware that the personal information was provided by a minor, such data will be promptly deleted.

Changes to the privacy policy

Avilita Company reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy as necessary. Pending the entry in force of such changes Avilita company is obliged to inform about this by publishing them on the website or by sending messages to the email address specified in your account.